April 30, 2009

Sunny Days!

There's nothing more enjoyable to me than a sunny, crisp day--not too hot, nice and dry.
We've been having a bunch of those lately and it's nice to have a chance to dust off (everything!LOL) and getting out there-- in your yard, your garden, your corner of the world where happiness lays.

And in that mindset, wandering through our shops on etsy, I felt these are some items that remind me of those dreamy sunny days!

My Beautiful Girl has a great cross-back tank that looks perfect for yoga, picking up the kids at school, putting in new plants or running errands- sky's the limit!
BugzNBean has it all figured out with a comfy yet playful custom dress with Tinkerbell in mind!

With a soft knit, roomy skirt and layer underneath, your twirly girl will be in all her glory!

Or, like in Tonya'sTemptations, your favorite little girl can be dolled up, ready to be out with grass in her toes in this Bubble suit made from a pattern from 1972! Complete with pinafore, criss cross straps and a bonnet, she could not look cuter!

I'm lovin' MomsCrafts4U idea of a day out shopping-- you'll need your purse! Check her out, you can pick the custom purse of your little lady's dreams!

Gassner Custom Soaps isn't just another soap maker on Etsy. I can personally vouch for Elizabeth's amazing product! Not only was the soap fresh and felt great on my skin but it lasted, for what felt like, forever! And nothing like lavendar to boost your sunny day!

SeeMommySew has thought of the pregnant woman's comfort and beauty with her custom made maternity skirts! So many babies are born in June (I have two myself!) and with these sunny days come expanding bellies for all those pregnant ladies out there! What a way to treat yourself now that the sun is shining and the weather is turning warmer.

So, this, and more, can be found in all the SewingMama team Etsy shops--
~~~Enjoy your sunny days~~~~

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