August 19, 2008

Cloth Pantyliners are here--win a FREE SET!

I used to make these, but had to discontinue them for a while when I was without a serger... I have my serger again now, and have been working to restock these popular pantyliners.

These have soft absorbent flannel on top, and slip-resistant, leak-resistant fleece on the back. Cloth pantyliners are a great option for daily use, as both flannel and fleece hold up to frequent washing. Popular uses include: mild incontinence (such as during pregnancy), protection when using vaginal suppositories, mid-cycle moisture, and, of course, the end of ones period.

These are now available at LilBees!

Now for the exciting part!

Follow this link and leave a comment on the post on my blog to be entered into a random drawing for a FREE 3 pack of pantyliners! (not necesssarily the ones shown--I will have several options for the winner to chose from). The contest is open until August 31.

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